Tridon Australia cutting costs




Case study 案例

Operations Manager Luke Rhodes was sitting in his office at Tridon Australia, a manufacturer and distributor of automotive parts, when he got an unusual email.

It was from the utility company asking if something was wrong at their Sydney factory – the energy bill in one building had dropped a staggering 65% in four weeks.

    运营经理卢克?罗德斯(Luke Rhodes)坐在澳大利亚特里顿(Tridon Australia)的办公室里 ,他是一家汽车零部件制造商和分销商 ,突然收到一封差别寻常的电子邮件。这是一家公用事业公司打来的电话 ,询问他们在悉尼的工厂是否出了问题:

    “一栋大楼的能源账单在四周内下降了65% ,令人震惊。”    

Instead of being worried, Rhodes and his colleagues were amused. “It was pretty funny,” he recalls. They were also pleased that their strategy to make their large industrial site more energy efficient had paid off.

    罗德斯和他的同事们没有担心 ,反而觉得很有趣。“这很有趣 ,”他回忆道。他们还兴奋地看到 ,他们提高峻型工业园地能效的战略取得了效果。
Over the past year, Tridon Australia had been implementing a range of energy savings measures including LED lighting and solar panels. The massive drop in energy, however, was largely attributed to their new compressed air system, which the NSW government partially paid for.
    在已往的一年里 ,Tridon澳大利亚一直在实施一系列节能步伐 ,包括LED照明和太阳能电池板。然而 ,能源的大幅下降很洪流平上归因于新南威尔士州政府部分支付的新压缩空气系统。
Tridon is one of around 90 sites across NSW —nearly half of them in the regions— which have taken advantage of government funding which helps businesses be more energy efficient. Manufacturers have upgraded their boilers and refrigeration systems, installed new meters and looked into improving their processes.
    Tridon是新南威尔士州约90个站点之一 ,其中近一半位于该地区 ,这些站点利用了政府的资金 ,资助企业提高能效。制造商已经升级了他们的锅炉和制冷系统 ,装置了新的仪表 ,并考虑革新他们的工艺。 

For Tridon, their old compressed air system was the problem. Rhodes says it was pumping around 55 to 60 kilowatts while the rest of the facilities —air conditioning, heating, everything included— were around 18 to 20 kilowatts.  

    对特里顿来说 ,他们的旧压缩空气系统就是问题所在。罗兹说 ,它的抽水量约为55至60千瓦 ,而其他设施——空调、暖气 ,包括所有设施——的抽水量约为18至20千瓦。

He says getting the government funding was easy and “serendipitous” as it happened just as they were assessing their compressed air system. The NSW government contributed $10,000 towards the project and Tridon pitched in $32,000. With the money they will save from their electricity bill dropping, Rhodes says they will break even in two years.

“I back the program 100% just for the sheer volume of money and energy you can save. It’s a no-brainer, really. I didn't anticipate that we’d get this much energy savings, so it's been fantastic.”

    他说 ,获得政府资助很容易 ,并且是“偶然的” ,因为就在他们评估压缩空气系统的时候。新南威尔士州政府为该项目捐助了10000美元 ,特里顿投入了32000美元。罗德斯说 ,随着他们从电费中节省的钱减少 ,他们将在两年内实现收支平衡。
    “我百分之百地支持这个计划 ,仅仅是为了节省大宗的资金和能源。真的很简单。我没想到我们能节省这么多能源 ,所以这太棒了。