AG真人资讯 ▏美国地热子公司签署新的售电协议(PPA)

OME Inks a Power Purchase Agreement with CC Power

OME和CC Power签署购电协议



        AG真人集团在美国开发、拥有、运营地热能源项目的子公司Open Mountain Energy LLC (OME)近期和加州社区电力公司(California Community Power,简称CC POwer)签署了购电协议。CC Power是一家位于加利福利亚的电力合营机构。OME回应了CC Power2021年的基载清洁能源的计划征集书,并基于此与后者进行了购电协议的洽谈及签署。该计划征集书响应了加州公用电力委员会为解决中期电力可靠性而提出的采购1000MW清洁、可用系数高的能源(如地热)的要求。

 Open Mountain Energy LLC (OME), a subsidiary of Kaishan Group, which owns, develops, and operates geothermal energy projects in the US, recently signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with California Community Power (CC Power), a Joint Power Agency consisting of various California Community Choice Aggregators.  The PPA was negotiated and agreed to following OME’s response to CC Power’s 2021 Request for Offers for Firm Clean Resources.  The RFO was issued in response to the California Public Utilities Commission’s mandate to address mid-term reliability which set a procurement target of 1,000 MW for clean, firm resources such as geothermal.


        OME和CC Power的购电协议容量为13MW(净)、时长为20年;电力由OME的Fish Lake地热田(位于内华达州)提供。预计电站在2024年6月投入运营。目前Fish Lake正在进行资源鉴定,在该PPA之外项目另有10-17MW(净)的开发潜力。这将是第三个OME与加州的购电方签署的恒久购电协议。

The PPA between OME and CC Power is for 13 MW (net) delivered from OME’s Fish Lake geothermal project in Nevada.  The contract term is for 20 years with the power plant expected to commence energy deliveries by mid-2024. OME’s Fish Lake project area is expected to have an additional 10-17MW of potential beyond this initial 13 MW that will be delivered to CC Power.  This PPA is the third long-term PPA signed by OME with a California-based counterparty.

        OME的CEO Brady Olson体现,公司将继续开发其地热资产项目组合。该购电协议的签署能资助CC Power的各成员落实各自的可靠、清洁能源采购目标。

“OME continues to develop its portfolio of geothermal assets, and is excited to enter into this PPA with CC Power to help its members achieve their firm clean resource procurement objectives,” said Brady Olson, CEO of OME.

        CC Power的主席Geof Syphers认为,地热作为一种基载、再生能源形式,是加州未来可靠、清洁的能源供应的重要组成部分。双方的购电协议更是能在近期提供可连续、高可靠性的能源解决计划。

“As a baseload resource, renewable geothermal power is an important part of keeping California’s power clean and reliable in the future.  This contract is a near-term solution to providing needed reliability in a sustainable way,” said Geof Syphers, Chair of CC Power.

        OME的母公司——AG真人集团是一家国际地热独立开发商及 ?榈缯旧璞钢圃焐,其已投运及开发中的地热电站遍布印尼、美国、土耳其、匈牙利和肯尼亚。美国的Wabuska项目投运已凌驾4年;12.5MW的Star Peak项目将在7月投入运营——两者皆包括在OME与南加州公用电力机构(SCPPA)早前签署的恒久购电协议内(15.5MW)。

Open Mountain Energy is a subsidiary of Kaishan Group.  Kaishan Group is a geothermal independent power producer and an equipment supplier of modular power plants, with plants in operation and/or development in Indonesia, US, Hungary, Turkey and Kenya. In the US, its Wabuska project has been in operation for over four years, and its 12.5 MW Star Peak project is expected to be commissioned in July of 2022.  Both of these projects previously entered into long-term PPA’s with Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA).